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Tree Pruning

Before TREEX is to commence it's services, they will consult with you as to where and how much of the selected tree/s is to be pruned. TREEX may recommend alternatives but the owner of the tree/s will make final decisions on how much will then be cut.

Tree Removal

TREEX will remove the entire tree/s down to within 15cm (6 inches) off the ground whenever possible, unless advised otherwise. TREEX will take away all debris, wood and leaves, and leave the area clean and tidy. Some excess sawdust may be left, as well as the chance of some minor lawn and garden damage that may occur, all necessary precautions will be taken to avoid this damage where possible.

Stump Grinding

This involves grinding of the visible stump below ground level and then filling in the hole with stump chips, TREEX will poison all stump/s. It is extremely important to advise TREEX of any underground pipes or wires that may be located near to the stump/s. TREEX will not be responsible for any damage to underground pipes or wires.


By-products are all of the branches, wood, leaves etc. That result from your tree maintenance. TREEX will remove all by-products from your property and dispose of them in an environementally friendly way within the quoted price.

Ownership of Trees

Before requesting services from TREEX it is the customers legal responsibility to be certain that the tree/s are theirs. TREEX can not remove neighbors or council trees without written permission prior to work. To avoid any possibility of errors we recommend that the customer mark all trees to be worked on.

Annual Inspections

TREEX can provide a no obligation, no charge annual inspection upon request.


To maintain our high standards it is essential that TREEX is the only person/s in the work area, family safety is our number one priority.


Payment terms is on a COD basis. If the customer requires a different form of payment to either cash or cheque, prior arragements must be made with TREEX before the job is commence.


Occasionally, when a time has been arranged, the customer finds that they cannot go ahead with the job. If this happened to you, please inform TREEX as soon as possible. So, that we can reshedule our crews.


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